How's the future shaping up for real estate marketing and development in Germany?
Discover the reasons why Ordiance and Viahaus are poised to be game-changers in the market. We sat down with Daniel Schoenland to explore the potential impact of Ordiance and Viahaus.
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The German property market is facing challenges with high interest rates and expensive construction projects. Some might consider it the best time to take a back seat. But is it really?
Viahaus is a revolutionary property engine that introduces a new way to discover properties, flats, and houses with the ease of ordering a pizza. We've crafted a unique platform ecosystem, complemented by our CRM called Ordiance, forming a dual startup with distinct yet interconnected business cases.
What's the core idea?
Viahaus will serve as a portal to search for properties to buy or rent. The goal is to simplify everything: quick property discovery, access to property information, virtual tours and, for property purchases, a straightforward lending application process.

Relevant data is pre-prepared, allowing you to comfortably check property details and lenders before starting the application process.

From the perspective of the tenant or seller, it’s equally straightforward. Will all properties in one place, you can await relevant applicants and evaluate them in the same manner they apply. Our mission is to simplify the process for both sides.
I recently heard that it's not the best time to launch property startups. My response: challenging market times are always the ideal moments to initiate something new.
Integratated services
Now, here's the game-changer: Viahaus enables you to access additional services, including lending services through the Viahaus Retail Bank. This not only simplifies the property acquisition process but also saves you money.

We also offer services around the home, providing support for planning and executing construction works through an integrated network of Viahaus-aligned partners.
Integration with Ordiance
While there are many CRM tools on the market, Ordiance stands out. Strong, for us, means easy integration with relevant apps inside the portal. There’s no need to rely on sync tools like Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate. Ordiance's workflow engine and integration with our automation backend "Teqbot" provide a comprehensive solution for complex tasks.

Ordiance offers integrated, prepared entities to make the customer's entry smoother.
The market isn't dull; it's just craving innovation.
Viahaus Property Portal for Property Owners and Dealers
With a clear vision of what's possible, we've developed a portal with reliable connections for everyone involved in properties. Viahaus, integrated with Ordiance, marks a significant shift in how properties enter the market and are matched with buyers and renters. We believe this will be a game-changer in a market currently undergoing restructuring.
Potential Opportunities for Investment Partners
Viahaus and Ordiance aren't just two new offerings in the market; they represent the platform economy and control. From this perspective, it's evident that both offerings are poised to disrupt the market and create something robust.

We invite potential investment partners to engage in a conversation with us about the future.
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